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Printing Professional-Looking DIY Business Cards

January 5, 2012Click to subscribe

The business cards that you present to a prospective customer or client is a direct reflection of your professionalism and the quality of the product that you are selling. Therefore, it is imperative to optimize the quality of the paper and the design. Furthermore, you must try to keep the cards as sleek as possible in order to maintain respect and get your client to focus on the big picture.

Do-it-yourself business cards are a way to inject your personality onto a small piece of paper that provides all of your contact information. Avoid adding fluff when you print them; keep it as simple as possible so that the design is not distracting. If the card represents the company as a whole, make sure to include your company logo. If you are presenting this card to important clients, print them in the highest resolution possible to make it look as though it was printed by a professional.

Creativity is essential with DIY business cards as long as you follow certain guidelines to maintain professionalism. This sets you apart from the rest of the pack while getting across the pertinent information to prospective clients. Slightly altering the size, color or contrast of your cards can help create an individualized aspect in the presentation of your contact information.

  • Posted: 3/23/2012
    bookbuff2 says:

    You can also create professional-looking business cards for more than just advertising your business. For example, you can spread the word about a product you have created by using the same method. If you are the author of a book, slipping a card into the hands of those you meet is an excellent way to make sure people start talking about it. In this case, creating a professional-looking card is even more fun, since nothing stops you from using your creativity as you wish.

  • Posted: 3/30/2012
    BIZman34 says:

    I am looking to create my own DIY cards and the information provided in this article makes it much easier to understand how to do so. I will definitely make my cards more creative, ensuring that my business cards are memorable.

  • Posted: 4/6/2012
    ArielleJ says:

    This is such a great article! I really appreciate the information provided. It's so hard to make nice business cards with out putting a lot of money into it. I just don't have those funds right now but I want my cards to look professional.