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Getting Your Laser Printer to Stop Streaking

January 3, 2012Click to subscribe

Learn how to get your laser printer to stop streaking and provide a flawless printout. You can take a few steps to troubleshoot in order to get a quality printout.

The first step is to check your printer settings to make sure the paper is correctly aligned. Sometimes, improper paper alignment can cause streaks on a printout. This task is performed by accessing the printer devices on your computer. Next, select the printer, and run a test to realign the paper. If this does not work and the printouts continue to streak, continue to troubleshoot.

The next step is to run a test on the laser printer to realign the ink cartridges and to clean the printer heads. This is performed on the printer itself. Go to printer options, and select the options that realign the printer and clean the printers heads. Once the printer heads are realigned and cleaned, then you can run a test page to check for streaks. If the printer continues to run streaks after completing these steps of troubleshooting, then contact a professional to service the printer.

Getting your printer to stop streaking is resolved by trying all the steps mentioned, but if problems persist, a professional can service your printer and get your printer back in tip-top shape to print without streaks.

  • Posted: 3/23/2012
    v-dawg says:

    I had a laser printer that wouldn't stop streaking, I tried to fix it and yet, it still didn't help. I had to hire a repair man to come help, but he said he was probably too old to be worth fixing. So I bucked up and just bought a new printer, and I'm happier than ever!

  • Posted: 3/30/2012
    SelfEmployed says:

    I really appreciate your taking the time to share this information about laser printers. I get so frustrated when things that are physical, like a printer, don't function properly. I'm going to try this right away.

  • Posted: 4/7/2012
    RubyMartini says:

    I hate streaking! I really appreciate the tips in this article because it is awful when I make a dozen copies and half of them are unusable. Sometimes printers can be so fickle.